UPLEVEL Self Healing Workbook: Partnering with the elements to re-pattern limiting beliefs throughout the bodymind.

UPLEVEL is so much more than a workbook. It's a comprehensive program complete with 19 video tutorial links along the way, taking the reader through pranayama (conscious breathing techniques), meditations, and instructional tutorials.

The formula offers a systematic framework in concert with the natural elements, by which you are guided through an exploration of body, mind and soul.

This embodied journey is not for the faint of heart!


It requires coming face to face with what you are contracted around. It beckons radical self acceptance and stokes unconditional self love. EFT Tapping helps build these life skills, as you deepen your awareness of old, embodied patterns that have worked hard to protect you and get your needs met over the course of your life. The process moves through increased self-awareness, love, acceptance,  and the implementation of new practices, revealing optimized embodiment, upgraded beliefs and new possiblilites...