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Sarah Ann Aborn, HHP
Holistic Health Practitioner


5 session series (over zoom) will follow the UPLEVEL Workbook, giving you lifelong practical tools to release stress, develop resilience, extract lessons from repeated patterns, come to appreciate why those patterns are there in the first place and how to move beyond them, cultivate self love and acceptance, and re-wire limiting beliefs throughout your bodymind.

SESSION 1 - EARTH: Learn grounding strategies that work for YOU, connect in with the divine feminine, release stress, receive nourishment, relax. Begin to NOTICE habituated patterns as your "protectors" with kindness and appreciation.

SESSION 2 - WATER: Make space for your emotions, learn EFT Tapping, continue to increase awareness around conditioning/programming and begin to introduce new ways.

SESSION 3 - FIRE: get STOKED for a daily exercise routine. get RHYTHMIC with positive practices to replace those that are falling away. Commit to daily rituals.

SESSION 4- WIND: Pranayama (conscious breathing techniques) and we will work with unconditional love of yourself and others.

SESSION 5 - SPACE: Learn the potency of *pausing* and allowing space in your life. Learn how to meditate in silence and we will discuss your connection with spirit and how to align more deeply with that.

Along the way you will receive tailored guided meditations and notes from the sessions.

PRIVATE - 5 Sessions = $777 plus book

GROUP - 5 Sessions = $200-275 sliding scale

Message me here with questions or to register

SHAKTI Healing Arts

12 Depot Sq.

Peterborough, NH 03458

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